“We threw a big project in Kelly’s lap and she got it done on time and under budget.  Her patience and humor make her a pleasure to work with, and she clearly has sound financial judgement, providing us with insight and constructive suggestions for improving our operations.  We highly recommend her services, and are excited to continue working with Kelly as a “business partner” – so that we can spend more time doing what we like to do!”
~Carey Hoke, Partner, OGP Direct

“I’ve worked with Kelly for over three years, and can highly recommend her as a expert advisor for small businesses in need of financial or business services consulting. She’s trustworthy, reliable, and highly knowledgeable about the challenges of owning and running a small business, and will become a valuable partner in navigating innovative solutions to common and uncommon business challenges.” Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, On Time
~Aric Wood, CEO, XPLANE

“We had to merge two companies and Kelly was the accounting counterpart. She is very professional, knows want needs to be done…and does it. I can strongly recommend Kelly as business partner.”
~ Rodolfo Carpintier, Owner, Digital Assets Deployment

“Kelly’s contribution to our organization has been and continues to be extremely valuable. She takes pride and ownership of everything thrown at her and quickly and professionally resolves any issues that might arise. She has a keen sense of business and provides valuable insight into the operations and management of our organization.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
~Daniel Shue, CEO, Omnibility

“Kelly is very consistent, thorough and reliable. I recommend her to others, regularly. Integrity is of most importance in this profession, and Kelly has displayed nothing but the highest level, while demanding it of the clients she serves.”
~Ben McKinley, CEO, Cascade Web Development

“Kelly managed operations and finance at XPLANE and she ran a tight ship. With her help we have grown the company significantly — revenues are five times what they were when she came on board and we’ve added two new offices, one of them international. Kelly’s relentless dedication, operational excellence and bottom-line focus were significant drivers of our success. She has my highest recommendation.”
~Dave Gray, Founder & Chairman, XPLANE

“Kelly is a solid accounting professional who understands the needs of a business manager. She’s great at helping evaluate the tradeoffs involved when faced with a set of options to choose among. Plus, she’s got a great sense of humor and is tons of fun to work with! I heartily endorse Kelly’s work.”
~Amanda Blake