Testing Package

  • Testing of up to 5 candidates for skills in 1 of the following areas:
    • QuickBooks Bookkeeper Assessment
    • QuickBooks Controller Assessment
    • QuickBooks Consultant Assessment
    • General Accounting/Bookkeeping Assessment (not software specific)
  • Examine the test results in coordination with your job description and provide an opinion on the skills results compared to the job needs.


Basic Recruiting Package

With this package, you find the candidates and we test and interview to give you a great understanding of which candidate will work best for you.


  • Meeting with you to determine job and skill requirements to best meet your needs.
  • Test up to 5 candidates that you have found and pre-screened.
  • Interview candidates to better assess skills and fit for the position.
  • Meeting with you to discuss the testing and interview results and provide opinion of how the different candidates may fit the needs.


Full-Service Recruiting Package

With this package, we’ll find the candidates, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to sort through hundreds of resumes.  We’ll narrow down the candidate list to the top few that best meet your needs.  We’ll present only 3 to 5 of the top candidates who have been fully tested and interviewed.

  • Meeting with you to determine job and skill requirements to meet your needs.
  • Placement of ads and extensive search of our network to find the most qualified candidates.
  • Phone screens of most qualified candidates.
  • Testing of screened candidates.
  • Interviews with those who scored the best on the tests.
  • Presentation of the top 3 to 5 candidates for you to interview and select.