We don’t like to be surprised by rates or waste time on things that aren’t within our scope and you probably don’t either.  We’re bucking the traditional “don’t tell them your rates until you have them hooked” idea and putting it out there.  That’s how we roll.

Consulting and Small Business CFO

These services are typically priced based on the type of package selected and the size and complexity of your business. If billed hourly, consulting and small business CFO services are billed at $85/hour.  When we work within a package, the estimate is based on that hourly rate.  Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t, but that’s on  us to manage the project and why a flat fee is the preferred model.

Sound too risky or expensive?  Not to worry.  We don’t want you to pay more than the value you received for services.  Think you didn’t get the value you signed up for?  Deduct it from your invoice and pay what you think is fair.  We just ask that you provide feedback about your decision.  Of course, you are free to add to the invoice too when your expectations have been exceeded.  We are overachievers and we’re not afraid to put our money where our mouths are.


Bookkeepers are more of a commodity product and you probably don’t want to spend a lot of your cash finding a great one.  We don’t do the typical pricing model here.  We want you to have a great bookkeeper and hire us to oversee the big picture, so we estimate the amount of time it will take to find the right person to fit your needs.  We’ll provide you with a fixed fee estimate based on our $85/hour consulting rates.  Depending on the package you choose, the fee is typically between $300 and $2,000.


Bookkeeping is billed at $50/hour.  We know that we’re not the cheapest game in town, but we are good at what we do and understand the accounting behind the QuickBooks data entry screens.   We don’t compete on price and if you can find a great person at a low cost, you should hire them.  Our goal is to help you manage your business through your numbers.  We offer bookkeeping as a complimentary offering to our core business, but we’re equally thrilled if you have a different solution to get good numbers to work from.