Kelly Totten, Top CrackerJack

My passion lies in helping entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses while having fun doing what they love.   I thrive on the energy and passion of entrepreneurs.

My background in accounting and business management comes in handy when I am analyzing your business; My sense of humor and light-hearted attitude comes in handy when I am explaining it all to you!  I like to ask targeted questions and raise issues that you and your team might overlook while doing “the fun part” of your business.  I love playing devil’s advocate and I’ll use that approach to help you make informed, well-rounded decisions.  I’ll listen to your point of view, experiences, company culture, and goals and keep those top of mind as I provide guidance.  I’ll actively poke holes in your theories, when necessary.

In addition to discussing issues in your business, I’ll help you understand the impact of those decisions.  Reviewing your financials may seem as fun to you as visiting the dentist, so I’ll do my best to make it interesting and engaging.  I’ll translate your business data into easy-to-understand visuals.  Instead of looking at those boring P&L’s, we’ll have lively conversation while looking at helpful “snapshots” of your business.

“I’ve worked with Kelly for over three years, and can highly recommend her as a expert advisor for small businesses in need of financial or business services consulting. She’s trustworthy, reliable, and highly knowledgeable about the challenges of owning and running a small business, and will become a valuable partner in navigating innovative solutions to common and uncommon business challenges.”
~Aric Wood, CEO, XPLANE

Melisa Beneville, The Countess

Melisa’s Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and tax preparation history make her a great bookkeeper.  Her experience as the accounting and operations manager of a law firm gives her a unique ability to simplify processes and make your work flow more efficient.  While her skills and knowledge are awesome, what’s even better is her personality.  She’s fun to be around and easy to work with.  If you want a beancounter who sits in the corner and barks at you from afar, look elsewhere.  Melisa will listen to what you need and help you find a solution…she’ll jump right into the mix and work with your team.  Some will wonder if she’s really an accountant; trust me – she is and she’s fabulous.


 Tiffini Robinson, CrackerJane of the Office

Tiffini helps us and our clients with administrative tasks, light bookkeeping, and anything else that we can’t seem to find time to do.  She’s always ready to put on another hat and dig in to whatever project we need her to do!