Finance & Business Operations for Creative Agencies

  • Do you want to gain control of your business and make smart decisions to keep it healthy *before* problems occur?  

  • Would a third party point of view from someone who knows your industry be helpful?  

  • Are you a visual thinker who could really get a grasp on the business, if someone would just show you how the business is doing instead of droning on in accounting speak?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re answering this question with a big “YES!” Lots of creative business owners are uncomfortable with their financial issues and wish they were more savvy about them. Many wish they could just find someone to hold their hand and give them some wise advice so that when their business really takes off, they can easily handle the growth and expansion. They want to know the answers to questions like:

  • “What are my competitors doing differently?”
  • “I’ve got all these customers — how come I’m still not making any money?”
  • “What metrics are important to monitor in this industry and what do they mean?
  • “Am I pricing appropriately?”
  • “Do I have enough employees and am I paying them well?”
  • “How can I ever create a forecast or budget when my earnings are so unpredictable?”

Does this describe you? For many business owners like you, there are two categories of tasks that keep their business afloat:

  1. First the fun part: the creative, visionary tasks that inspired you into this business in the first place. These are the things you were meant to do and you do them well. In fact, you do them so well, you don’t want to do much of anything else!
  2. And then there are the things that aren’t so fun – the details and logistics, the minutiae that gives you a big fat headache! This is the data and information that you feel you should know but it feels daunting, overwhelming, and even boring to you.

Well, lucky for you — that’s my playground and how I have FUN helping you understand this part of your business. I love to help creative business owners create healthy businesses!

“Kelly’s contribution to our organization has been and continues to be extremely valuable. She takes pride and ownership of everything thrown at her and quickly and professionally resolves any issues that might arise. She has a keen sense of business and provides valuable insight into the operations and management of our organization.”
~Daniel Shue, CEO, Omnibility


I show you really simple ways to:

  • Make your business more profitable.
  • Make smarter decisions based on facts – not guesses.
  • Grow your business in a way that supports your vision and company culture.
  • Develop smart strategies for managing your business and your money.
  • Understand  your numbers using visual techniques.
  • See issues you may have been overlooking.
How do I do this? Over time I will get to know your business inside and out in a way that will make my input and insights invaluable to you as we work together. And, I do it with….surprise — a great sense of humor …and I am easy to talk to as well! Who knew?!